Blue Lake Resort is located in the Sun Lakes area, 15 miles south of Coulee City, Washington, on the shores of beautiful Blue Lake.

Whether for a family reunion, camping, fishing trip with your buddies, or just a little get away; we welcome you to come and experience a relaxing vacation in the sun and water!

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Welcome to Blue Lake Resort

Blue Lake Resort Has been Family owned and operated for over 40 years. Mr. and Mrs. George Grass passed the reins to their son Jeff in 1996.

The property is nestled between canyon walls down the Coulee Corridor, and at first glance looks like a quaint RV park with waterfront access. We don’t boast to be the best or the most decadent park on the lake, however we have return guests that span 4 generations.

You won’t find a TV in your cabin or even a phone, and our claim is that the area is the Bermuda triangle of cell phone service. Many times family have called the office trying to reach their loved ones, and we are more than happy to accommodate.

The RV sites have been updated with the times, and as a privately held property are always a work in progress. Our cabins were built in the early 40’s. The original buildings had dirt floors and woodstoves for cooking. If you can imagine, those buildings are still being used today (although with regular floors and Gas and electric stoves).

This isn’t a luxury resort, but more of a testament to how the history of camping has evolved throughout the years. We still hang back on the TV’s and telephones. After all, hotels and motels have those, and we are definitely not a hotel or motel. However, we did join the computer age and have installed free WiFi for our guests. We even added online reservations to our Website. (boy howdy!)

Our trailers for rent are just that. They are trailers. Not new. In some cases the older models have been used by our guests generation after generation...and we have been threatened if we remove them... Nobody can mess with childhood memories, and at Blue Lake we help make and preserve them. If you come here after being away for 15 years, you will probably still be remembered.

We look forward to meeting the next generations, as well as our first time guests. Here at Blue Lake Resort you can become a regular quite easily. The wind and crisp lake water grow on you after awhile.

~ Jeff and Susan Grass