Blue Lake Resort is located in the Sun Lakes area, 15 miles south of Coulee City, Washington, on the shores of beautiful Blue Lake.

Whether for a family reunion, camping, fishing trip with your buddies, or just a little get away; we welcome you to come and experience a relaxing vacation in the sun and water!

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Photo Gallery

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Photo of store and resort entrance

Tent Camping Areas

Photo of lakefront camping area Photo of lakefront tent camping area Photo of flagpole and tent camping area

Camping and Parking Overflow Area

Photo of camper and RV overflow area Photo of the camping and parking overflow area

Boat Rentals and Marina

Photo of the Marina Photo of the Marina Photo of the Marina Photo of the Marina Photo of the Marina

Swimming Area

Photo of the swimming area and the floating sunbathing platform

Public Restrooms and Showers

Photo of public restroom and shower facility.


Photo of the children's playground equipment


Photo of a family fishing on Blue Lake, in front of Blue Lake Resort Photo of fishing boat Photo of lakefront area

Boat Launch

Photo of the boatlaunch area Photo of the boatlaunch in the early morning

Sites To See In the Sun Lakes Area

Photo of the Sun Lakes area on the way to Steamboat Rock (Steamboat Rock visible in distance) Photo of the Sun Lakes area overlooking Blue Lake Resort